During my time at the Rice Thresher, I wrote 106 articles across all five sections: news, arts & entertainment, opinion, sports and features. As editor in chief, I spearheaded the weekly editorial, written and edited by our editorial board.
You can find all articles by me at this link, with selected articles below. Click the headlines to read articles in full!
"...But for some survivors, [the closeness of Rice] only makes the aftermath harder. Some respondents wrote about the pain of seeing their assaulters every day in serveries and across the academic quad. Others wrote about seeing their own friends chatting with their assaulters, who were still socially beloved and held positions of power..."
"...Intangible benefits such as a brief resume line or “leadership development” are often not enough to incentivize truly inclusive leadership on campus, and often don’t come close to sufficiently compensating for the value this work adds to the university..."
"...'“It's meant to last for a hundred years or more ... We call it a temporary building because Rice designated that in response to complaints that it didn't look up to Rice standards. It seems to me that there's always been a dissatisfaction with this building because it wasn't brick.'..."
"...TABC conducted its first-ever undercover investigation of Pub at the “Last Pub of the Decade” event after they received a complaint from a community member, according to Porter ... TABC decided to issue two charges — one for selling alcohol to a minor and the other for permitting a minor to possess or consume alcohol on the premises..."
"...In college, music emerged from the background and took the spotlight, painting the mood for my next 3.75 years at Rice. Now, as I sit at home after an abrupt end to my college career, the memories live on in old playlists and the drum of nostalgia..." 
"...Photos of three McMurtry College sophomores wearing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement costumes to the Halloween event at Willy’s Pub drew student outrage on Twitter last night, leading to responses from university leadership..."
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