During my time as Art Director, the Rice Thresher won the following awards:
Princeton Review's 3rd Best College Newspaper
Associated College Press Pacemaker Finalist (x2) 
College Media Association Best Weekly Newspaper under 4,000
Beer Bike Triple Covers –Beer Bike is a monumental event at Rice every year. This year, I pioneered a triple cover (three different versions) for the first time in Thresher history. I played off the puns of "countdown," clocks, and bikes to formulate the themed covers.
Stand-out Front Pages – I designed the front and back pages of the paper for two years. Above are three of my favorite front pages – due to these stand-out pages, we were able to get a higher amount of readership.
Advertising – I developed multiple house ads to recruit more students to media organizations like the Thresher on campus.
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